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Bruna. Sixteen. I stan 7 idiots, but my heart was stolen by Blue Eyed Sungjong. Admin at ICNYC. 90% Infinite 10% other attractive South Korean men

Dung Dung Diggy Dung Dung

Infinite Korean Discography // Hoya Version

jackson’s type of aegyo 
140729 Acoustic Vers. of ‘I NEED YOU’

divine b | do not edit.

divine b | do not edit.

divine b | do not edit.

GOT7 for Tenasia


solid 2+ minutes of the beat drop


jongbutt for kaiternity ♥


Hey hey everyone! I know I’ve been away from the tumblr scene for a while things have been crazy with life and stuff but now im back! BUT things have…..changed. Lee Sungjong. The maknae of the devil group Infinite…has gotten to me. I am officially a Sungjong stan now. I TRIED TO DENY IT BUT LEMON CANDY HAS GOTTEN TO ME. That biy he is just….all kinds of wonderful. To be honest i always did have a soft spot for him„,but recently it has gotten to me hard and i cant deny it anymore. I am now Sungjong biased >< NOW DONT GET ME WRONG I STILL LOVE THE IDIOT KIM MYUNGSOO. My new introduction is now “my bias is Sungjong with a side of Myungsoo.” I think its pretty fitting dont ya think? LOL but yes i am now Sungjong biased which is why i changed my name to SnowJong. My blog will basically be the same only…..more sungjong now LOL 


130803 Sungjong @ MBC Music Core (cr monodrama)

The universe in your eyes~

mark the man

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